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We look forward to talking with you again and hear the wonderful stories of how your Emotional Support Animal has helped you this year.  We want to continue to support you with keeping your animal close while your fly  and in your home  to give your the emotional support that can be hard to find.

Laminated Wallet Size ESA Letter for your convenience


We make it a simple process to get a CURRENT up to date evaluation to RENEW your ESA letter to be in compliance with the Airlines and Housing laws. Click this link to pay: Paypal $120 Renewal  and then download the Assessment forms and we call you to schedule your phone renewal evaluation or call us at 760-485-6784. 

​The Airlines Regulations clearly state that the letter needs to be kept updated yearly with an Evaluation to make sure you are still having emotional symptoms affecting you daily functioning or they can refuse your ESA.  Once we receive your updated evaluation forms   We will call you to make your appointment for the the 20-30 minute phone session.

We appreciate your return business and make every effort for you to have your same therapist as last year to ease any anxiety, since we know that speaking with your trusted therapist is very important to you. If you need an evaluation within 24 hours there is an Express option below.

Express Renewal



             $ 219.00

$144.95 Renewal Eval with Wallet ESA letter

$243.95 Express Renewal ESA Evaluation + Wallet letter

$24.95 Wallet Laminated ESA Letter

If you need your evaluation within 24 hours there is an option above in the Pay Pal button and call us at 760-485-6784
for immediate service.

Feel the Calm......

Express Renewal Eval ESA letter

Once we receive your completed and updated forms:

  • We call you within 24 hrs to schedule your phone appointment.
  • If we do not call you within 24 hrs call us, we did not receive your forms, resend or re-fax them.
  • Generally, we can get your appointment within 3 working days.  

            $24.95                        Special with Renewal $24.95

                       Billed on Statement as One Joy LLC

Renewal Eval ESA letter

Renewal ESA evaluation

$120. for our Valued returning clients

Renewal Eval w wallet letter

Joanne Williams, LCSW                    CA Lic. #22409

Renew  Your Emotional Support Animal Evaluation Letter

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