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How do I get a Letter for my Emotional Support Animal (ESA)?

Call us at 760-485-6784 or see the boxes below to pay and download the assessment forms. The Phone ESA Evaluation with a Licensed Mental Health Professional from Next Generation Psychology takes approximately 30 minutes to be completed after completing the assessment forms. You receive your letter the same day by email. We have become the experts at knowing what information is required by the 2 federal laws and our letters are accepted for Housing and Air travel consistently.  We are here to support you through the year if there are any issues that do come up from uneducated personnel. Once you qualify we send a resource guide with each letter so you are educated on what to expect and what to say at the Airlines counter and to property managers.

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The Air Carriers Access Act gives Additional Rights to fly with an

Emotional Support Sevice Animal

Joanne Williams, LCSW                  CA. Lic. #22409

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1st ESA Evaluation

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Can I take my ESA to Hotels, Restaurants, Stores, and other places?

Emotional Support Animals are protected in housing under the Amendments to the Fair Housing Act of 1988, with "No Pet" policies, no pet fees, weight or breed limits . During air travel under the Air Carriers Access Act 49 U.S.C. 41705 and DOT 14 C.F.R. part 382, your animal can be at your feet, out of a carrier or on your lap. With no weight limits or fees. You may be allowed to bring your ESA to other places at the discretion of the management of each business.  Many stores and Hotels will allow your ESA if you present the letter. We offer a Laminated Wallet letter can be very useful in these situations.

Am I required to have an ESA Letter by Law?

Yes, you are required to have a letter from a Licensed Health Professional by the Air Carriers Act and kept updated within one law of travel. See the 2 Federal Law below. But, no vest, ID tags, no need to be registered at a registry and no need to get a certificate.

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Common ESA Questions

Deluxe Initial Express w/Wallet ESA letter

Does my animal need to be trained to be my Emotional Support Animal?

Your animal is required to have basic obedience training and be under your control at all times.

Fair Housing Act:  To have your pet become an ESA, you must have symptoms that affect one of your daily functionings significantly, such as your sleep, concentration or interactions with others and a psychological diagnosis such as; anxiety flying or in crowds of people, depression, ADD, autism,etc. that your animal helps these identified symptoms and provides emotional support that alleviates the symptoms.  We will discuss your symptoms in the evaluation to assess your needs and how your animal helps you. You are required to provide documentation from a reliable source (the ESA Letter) if your disability is not apparent to your property manager.  If other documents are requested, add'l forms to be completed by a doctor, a pet interview, etc, you are being discriminated against.  The letter is all that is required. Fair Housing Advocates have verify our ESA letter as compliant with the HUD regulations.  

Initial ESA Evaluation

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Do I need to Register my Emotional Support Animal with a Registry?

It is not required by law, only the ESA Letter is required.  The vest and ID tag may be helpful, but remember an Emotional Support Animal is about you, the person, not about the animal like a Service Dog.  You're never required to divulge any psychological information to anyone. All you can be asked is How does your animal help you?  You could say; My Assistance Animal helps me sleep better and comfort me to interact better with others or emotionally supports me to concentrate better or Calms my nerves to fly.

                                                   Joanne Williams, LCSW  CA Lic. # 22409



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The Amendments to the Fair Housing Act gives Right to "No Pet" Housing with an

Emotional Support Service Animal

How do I make my Pet an Emotional Support Service or Assistance Animal (ESA)?

For the Air Carriers Act: You are required to have a letter from a Licensed Mental Health Professional that certifies that your Animal alleviates symptoms that are affecting one of your daily functioning ie. sleep, concentration or interacting with others. Also be Diagnosed with a Psychological condition (anxiety, depression etc.)  The letter should be current (less than 1-year-old). You may be required to provide the letter to an airline representative during air travel. Any Animal can be used as an Emotional Support Animal (ESA), a dog, cat, bird, etc. if it improves the symptoms of your psychological condition and improves your daily functioning significantly. But, all exotic animal are not approved to fly.