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Express Initial ESA Eval

$263.95 1st Express ESA Eval with Wallet Letter

Initial Individual Therapy Session (CA only) $150.00

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Joanne Williams, LCSW    CA. Lic. # 22409

$164.95 1st ESA Eval w/add'l Wallet Letter

How to be Certified for an Emotional Support Service Dog

Contact us Below or Call  760-485-6784 for a Free Consultation to see if your will Qualify for an ESA

Joanne S. Williams LCSW and Support Team

                     Simple and Easy 2 Step Process

1. Pay and submit the assessment forms. 2. We will call to schedule your 30 minute phone evaluation or find the Assessment forms here

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Our Mission

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Connect with the Joys of Life with an ESA

Joanne Williams, LCSW is the Manager of Next Generation Psychology, she is one of the most experienced Specialist in the Field of Emotional Support Animal (ESA) evaluations with 25 years as a therapist, over 3 years exclusively evaluating for a Certified ESA Letter, with everything included in the letter that is needed for Air Travel and for “No Pet” housing.  We have the experience to know what is required by law to be in the letter to be accepted at Airlines and Housing Facilities.  Our letter has been certified to pass the HUD Housing requirements. The ESA Official letter is the only requirement according to the 2 Federal Laws, the Air Carriers Access Act and the Amendments to the Fair Housing Act of 1988.​ ​ Beware of the impostors that say you only need an ID, certificate, vest, or to be Register to qualify for an ESA. We provide the continuing support needed for questions and WE ANSWER THE PHONE.

$140.00 1st ESA Eval.

Once You have paid and submitted your Assessment Forms we will call you for phone evaluation appointment

1st  ESA Express (24hrs) evaluation

Individual Therapy Session (CA only) $140.00

$ 239.00 1st Express Eval.

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Deluxe Initial Express w/Wallet ESA letter

For Individual Therapy download and fill out the assessment forms before the 1st session>>>>>

1st ESA Evaluation

Our Mission is to provide affordable ESA Evaluations,   different strategies for immediate results that clients can use in their daily life to bring forth important connections for 
psychological, social well being and personal growth.​
Educating on the 2 Federal law that can help in "No Pet" housing policies, so clients can keep their dogs or cats and fly with them to lower anxiety naturally. We give continued support through the year and recommendations for better emotional health.

ESA Evaluation                                               $ 140.

ESA Evaluation  w/in 24 hrs. add'l                  $   99.

ESA Renewal Evaluation                                $ 120.

50 min. Individual Sessions  (CA only)           $  140.      

Initial Assessment Sessions                           $  150.

Our ESA Letter is for both "No Pet" Housing And for Air Plane Travel no additional cost

Emotional Support Service Animal Evaluations     Letter to Fly and be in "No Pet" Housing

 P: 760-485-6784    F: 858-810-0239