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Emotional Symptoms affects at least 20% of the population, but it’s often invisible to onlookers. If you suffer from emotional symptoms and disorders like depression, PTSD, and panic attacks, Autism or Physical issues you may struggle to perform everyday tasks, at work, socially or emotionally even if no one can see the reason for your pain.

Many people are helped by having an emotional service dog certification or ESA. Our animals can calm us down and give us a reason to keep going, even when times are tough. However, housing and traveling with a pet can be complicated and increase anxiety. If you need an ESA letter to have your Pet become an ESA for airplane travel or for “No Pet” housing, contact Next Generation Psychology at 760-485-6784 with questions or go to our common questions page.  We know what the law requires and we are the specialists in this field with over 25 years’ experience and over 3 years exclusively doing ESA evaluations to certify clients according to the 2 Federal Laws.

If you rent your home or if you are moving and you can't find housing for your pet a letter from Next Generation Psychology can legally give you the right to have an ESA in “No Pet” housing, without any extra fees, once you qualify. If you have issues with housing, we have Partnered with a Fair Housing Advocate Expert that can help you with Fair Housing Act housing issues for free. Similarly, if you have an ESA and need to travel, a letter from us can guarantee that you keep your animal with you on your flight, out of a carrier, on your lap or at your feet.  If you need a letter for your landlord or for an airline, call us at 760-485-6784 for a free consultation. The letter is what is required by law. No need for a vest, ID card or registry.

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Our Professionals feel having an Emotional Support Dog, Cat or Animal is a movement or a cause to help as many people as possible to lower emotional issues and to improve their lives in Simple ways according to the 2 Federal Laws by having their Animal by their side legally to fly with them and to be in No Pet Housing with NO Fees, Breed or Weight Restrictions .

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Sandy M.‎ -Verified buyer-2/27/18- I simply could not travel without my ESA - the loyal, trustworthy, loving, Ada! Thank you to Joanne for working so hard to make sure we have the right to travel with our BFF.

Ashton  H. -Verified buyer - 8/22/17-  I had an amazing experience with Joanne. I did hours upon hours of research about her and her services, and they are more than legit and accommodating. Joanne was extremely nice and easy to talk to. She diagnosed me with the exact mental health issues I was diagnosed with prior. She asked detailed questions about me and my life, and made sure I understood all of my rights with having an ESA. As someone who is a researcher and looked for authorized and qualified personnel to speak with about an ESA, that is exactly what I got with Next Gen Psychology. I am extremely grateful for Joanne and her staff for making me feel comfortable and making the process easy and affordable.

Jasmine G. - Verified buyer - 6/16/17- My experience with Joanne was beyond excellent and positive. She immediately emailed and called back the next day to answer all of my questions and set up my appointment. She is very kind and compassionate and literally takes the time to go into detail with your history and current situation. Most importantly, she doesn't just listen to you but even took the time to teach me different things to help along with an ESA. Her diagnosis was right on point with what I was told before. My dogs have helped me in so many ways and officially having them both as ESAs brings me to peace. I would definitely recommend Joanne to anyone who can benefit from an ESA.

Kathy R. -Verified buyer -8/25/16 - My experience with Joanne on the ESA Evaluation was extremely positive. She spent all the time needed to understand my situation and provided several suggestions on how I can address them in addition to my ESA. She is knowledgeable and with her support, I feel prepared to travel with my ESA.

​​Jonathan G.- Verified Buyer  6/13/16 -  Joanne is the best! Very understanding and she pays specific attention to each case. I did my initial screening with her and just followed up for my renewal. Painstakingly easy and super informative. A+ recommendation!

Michelle G.- Verified Buyer- 06/10/15 -Thankful!  I am so grateful for the ESA and the evaluation letter. Joanne was so wonderful and understanding during the evaluation. Not only did I get the letter and have confidence now having my dog accompany me but she was caring to give additional tools to help me in my journey. Very grateful that she is understanding that people rather use holistic methods then take a pill or abide by western medical ways of thinking. My dog offers me so much support and I am very grateful for this service that allows me to have my dog with me at all times. 

Jennifer M.-Verified Buyer-03/27/15-So easy wonderful and informative.  wow! This whole process intimidated me, but it was so easy! My son is 3 and has non-verbal autism. When he is overstimulated he would hit himself or bang his head on the floor, but when our dog is with us he "hugs it out" with her instead. Grocery store and therapy trips were torture, but now we can take her ANYWHERE! It's a HUGE relief! Our dog is pitbull mix with a heart of gold and she loves her "brother" dearly! Thank you so much! ESA HAS CHANGED OUR LIVES! 

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Joanne S. Williams, LCSW 

   Ca. License # 22409

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                                                             To Qualify for an Emotional Support Animal (ESA):  
1.    You need to have current symptoms that your animal helps you with that are significantly affecting one or more of your daily life activities; Such as your Social life (interacting with others), your Mental clarity (concentration)  or Emotional well being (sleep) .
2.    You need to have a DSM-5 Psychological Diagnosis; for example that you have; Fear while Flying, in Social Situations, Avoid Crowds, Panic Attacks, PTSD, Depression, ADD, Autism, etc that affects your daily functioning.  We will discuss and evaluate for these in the evaluation.

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We keep to the point about your criteria to qualify you for an ESA from your completed assessment forms. Completely confidentiality.  No need to worry, we are kind and informative and want to help.

Professional Service Continued Support 

We answer questions about the ESA evaluation process and how to use the ESA letter for housing and Airline travel. You are given resources about the 2 laws as a resource. Only a Licensed Mental Health Professionals will do your evaluations. We will discuss criteria for a DSM-5 diagnosis from your information.  We make recommendations for additional ways to increase your mental health. We will continue to support you through the year around questions about airlines issues and give you the housing law to give to your property manager to clarify the law. We will contact you by email 1 month before your yearly date for renewal, so you will never be out of compliance.


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Once you have qualified for your ESA letter we will email your letter the same day. Or send your laminated wallet letter out the same week by mail.

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** By Popular Demand** ESA Laminated Business Card Size Wallet ESA letter for your convenience when you need to show your letter in Stores or Office Buildings. $24.95 with your evaluation.

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